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Udo Stadtsbuchler, the creator of this blog, is a psychotherapist, recently retired after a very long and successful career. He developed Applied Body and Mind Dynamics, a technique that combines conventional psychotherapy with his own findings and insights as well as Energy Therapy, Positive Psychology, as well as Neuro and Psycholinguistics.
In his retirement Udo Stadtsbuchler wrote Happiness Discovered, a book explaining the biology, philosophy and psychology of happiness. It shows the impact happiness has not only on our mental but also on our physical health, which is clearly demonstrated by Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Happiness Discovered shows also that happiness is one important element to success; it also shows that happiness can be learned by everyone.

I now continue in my own voice:
In February 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer. This was the second time I experienced this kind of scare.You can read about it in his older posts under Personal Matters. I decided to use my own mind power as well as other methods to fight against the condition. Again, I explained this in detail in previous posts.
However, by the looks of it I had not been terribly successful with my method. Latest checks revealed that the count of tumor markers has increased by about 50% over six months. I am now waiting for an appointment for another biopsy, an experience I am certainly not looking forward to have. Until this happens I continue to keep on fighting. On this page I am going to report on my progress, as well as on any other news that I deem to be worthy to report.

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12th October 2010
After the unsuccessful attempt to cure myself using the method that I described in a previous post, I am now using the Budwig therapy to rid myself of this nasty neoplasm. It's a bit of an effort for me, because I do not enjoy this method at all, but other people may well like it. I continue with my vegetarian diet, omitting the same food stuff that I also left out previously; and I am using the power of my mind as a matter of course.
It's still early days, therefore I cannot report any progress. Unfortunately the occasional mild discomfort that I felt so far, has now changed. The intervals between comfort and discomfort have decreased, and the level of discomfort has increased. But I can still deal with it easily.
This coming Monday (18th) I am scheduled for another biopsy. I cannot say that I look forward to it with eager anticipation. About three weeks thereafter I will get the results, and then the oncologist will discuss with me the way forward.
This creates a bit of a dilemma. I do not think that the Budwig method will show any results in this very short period of time. The oncologist will, however, give me the options of operation, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Neither of these methods has great appeal to me.
This is the dilemma: do I choose one of these options, or do I wait and hope for the Budwig  or any other alternative method to give me the result that I desire? A difficult one.
I keep you informed.

In comparison to the previous biopsy, which was quite torturous, this time it was very easy. The difference was that the first time I was focused on the procedure, because I expected to be asked or to be told to do or not to do whatever they needed me to do or not to do. Of course as it happened they did not want to know anything from me, but I was fully aware of the procedure and that the four people in the room were chatting happily away whilst they had very sharp instruments in my body doing painful things. This time I hypnotized myself and transported myself to a very pleasant place in which pain did not exist, nor did idiots exist behaving in inappropriate ways. It worked a charm! I did not feel or hear a thing; it was free of stress and free of shock. After the procedure I was immediately fit and went home.
However, something stupid must have happened, because I developed an infection in spite of taking antibiotica that one has to take before and after a biopsy. I am ok now and waiting for the result of the biopsy on November 18th.

16. November 2010
Just another challenge to add to my existing one. I had a transient ischemic attack (TIA, mild stroke) a few nights ago, which was an experience that I had gladly missed and which I do not want to experience again any time soon, or even any time in distant future. All of a sudden I did not have any feeling in my left hand at all; I felt that this hand touched other parts of my body, but I had no sense  that it was my hand that did the touch; very weird and kind of scary. In particular because I knew that this was a stroke. However, it passed. The frightening thing is that I now have a 20% chance to experience a massive stroke within the next 3 months.
I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to get some tests organized and then I hope to learn what to do to avoid another stroke.
Am I not lucky? Tomorrow I will see the doctor because of the TIA, and the day after tomorrow I will see the oncologist. What joy!

29.November 2010
Well, I saw the doctor. His opinion is that it was not a TIA, but a calcification of my cervical spine that pressed on the nerve concerned, thereby interrupting the messages sent from the receptors to the brain and vice-versa. A mild stroke sounds scarier than this calcification, but one could do something - actually quite a lot of things - to prevent a massive stroke. There are no treatments to stop or heal calcification, other than exercises to keep the affected area mobile. I am not sure what I prefer. I suppose it is similar to the question whether one prefers a kick in the face or a kick in the groin.
My appointment with the oncologist was postponed from the 22nd to today. I came home just anhour ago.
Here is the good news: cancer has disappeared! Was I surprised when I heard the news? No, not really. I had expected it. Still, I am overjoyed to say the least. I am sure the cure had to do with the diet that I prescribed myself, in particular the Budwig part of it. But even more so I am absolutely positive that my mind work contributed greatly to it.
However, I need to undergo a few more tests, because there are a few questions still to be answered.


  1. It's good to know that which ever you choose will be the right one to bring you to excellent health!

  2. Hello Udo! I'm sorry to hear about your post-biopsy infection- I hope it's all cleared up by now. I just had an email from the lady in Bristol who runs the psych-K workshop I was telling you about last time I saw you- she sent me a link to a free download of the DVD “The Biology of Belief / The Psychology of Change” featuring Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams . I havnt had chance to watch it yet, but I'm really inspired by Bruce Lipton's work- Very similar to your own. So I thought you might like it. Take care Udo! Love Lucy

  3. Thank you for leading me to your website. I will pass it on to a physician I work with. Not traditional in the main frame. You may want to check him out in case you are asked to refer in the Houston area.
    Google: Dr. Gilbert Manso, Houston, TX

    That should do it! Mariann