Friday, July 9, 2010

Cancer cont.2

I am using most of Servan - Schreiber's advice on diet, which largely means vegetarian food, if possible organic, emphasizing foods with low glycemic value and high in protein, no sugar, and no dairy products. This diet is not prostate cancer specific, but for all forms of cancer. In addition I eat every day a large portion of tomato sauce, heavily spiced with garlic, turmeric, chilies and ginger. Tomato sauce (not raw or fried tomatoes) with olive oil added is the best source of Lycopene, which reduces PSA; turmeric is anti cell inflammation, all other spices have anti cancer properties. An additional reason for heavily spicing tomato sauce is that I deeply dislike tomato sauce; I dislike the taste, and I find the sickly sweet smell revolting. I also take Zyflamend and TurmericForce by New Chapter, and Modifilan to actively detoxify my body. All the products mentioned are natural supplements.
Does this regime work for me? Well, after having adhered to it for just over 3 months, I think so. I believe that some of the symptoms have at least eased off.

However, my most important tool is the power of my mind, which sounds rather grand, but it is actually something that we all have. Most of us have chosen to ignore it, or we were conditioned to ignore it. But we can rekindle it, and it's not all that difficult.
With mind power I don't mean one's ability to walk with bare feet on glowing coal (which I do), or broken glass (which I do); or the ability to bend spoons (which I also do). I mean the most important ability which is the ability to control one's feelings. Not by suppressing them, but by replacing unwanted feelings that are useless, with feelings that are useful and empowering.
More about this tomorrow.

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