Sunday, July 4, 2010

With matters of the mind I mean anything that is governed by it; our behavior, feelings, and to some degree our physical and mental health; our actions and reactions, and our interpersonal relationships; our values, beliefs, and priorities; our biases and prejudices; well, in short it means just about everything in our life.
One of my main interests is happiness, and I will write about it quite a lot. I have written a book about it - Happiness Discovered - and you find details of it below.
Another of my main interests is how mind affects health or illness, and I have a vested interest in it. This interest is that I have cancer, or as I usually say, a neoplasm has established itself on my prostate gland. What makes me use these words rather than the simple word cancer, I'll explain as we go along. I have resolved that I am not going to use chemo or radiotherapy or the removal of this gland as a cure, but use my own power of mind plus a change of life style to become healthy again. I m going to use this blog as a kind of diary to inform you of the success of my "therapy" but also of the pitfalls should any occur.

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