Friday, July 16, 2010

Utilize the Power of your Thoughts

There is not one shadow of a doubt about the link between thoughts and feelings, and  physical and mental health. I wrote about it in my book Happiness Discovered; Servan-Schreiber writes about it in his book Anti Cancer. We both quote numerous scientific research on this subject.  You can click on the image on the right and you will get to Anti Cancer's Amazon site.
Thoughts are not just something that pop into our brain from nowhere and then they vanish again without a trace into the blue yonder. Thoughts are so much more than that; thoughts are indeed real forces and every thought that we think leaves a lasting mark in our brain. Not only in our mind, however we define it, but in the actual grey matter of the brain. The more we concentrate a particular thought on one particular subject, the more intensified is the force of this thought and the more pronounced this mark becomes. If an individual is confronted with a serious or life threatening disease, as I am, it makes sense for this individual to change their thought processes from gloom and doom, from a focus on all that's negative, to thought processes that are positive, uplifting and optimistic. There is a vast body of evidence that confirms this view; which you can see Happiness Discovered, Servan-Schreiber and all research in the field of PNI.

Let us look at it from my own personal point of view. I have mentioned in a previous post that I am looking forward to my next blood test with positive expectancy. I am certain that its outcome will be such that I can celebrate it with great joy. I have already discounted the possibility of a negative outcome; there are no ifs and if nots, and there are no buts. Of course I have not established this mindset only once I was told that I was ill. I have worked toward this attitude for many, many years. This does not mean that only those can be successful who have been working toward it as long as I did. No, of course not. Everyone can achieve this mindset within a few weeks, provided that they are determined and are prepared to put in the work every single day without exception. Affirmations and visualizations are great and easy to use tools to change your mindset; meditation, auto-hypnosis are more difficult for many people who may need guidance for it; reframing, meaning changing are essential to chnage your mindset and fairly easy to do, provided that you practice, practice, practice, and then you prarctice some more. All these tools are described in Happiness Discovered in great detail.
Let's talk about it tomorrow again.

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