Monday, July 12, 2010

Thoughts and Feelings

We control our thoughts; we can influence people and events, but we are not in control over them. Over our thoughts we have 100% control. No one can make you think something, unless you let them. Thoughts do not come out of the blue, and there is no higher power that puts thoughts into your mind. It's you and you only who is responsible for your thoughts. You determine if you want to think about disasters or about happy events. You decide if you see your future in black and white, or in the most glorious and vibrant colors. This maxim, that we are in control over our thoughts, is essential for what I am going to talk about from here on. Our thoughts determine the words that we use in our communication, both the internal as well as the external communication. Here we have a bidirectional effect: our words determine our thoughts; our thoughts determine our words. Whatever kind of thoughts we think affects our actions. Are the thoughts positive and optimistic our action will be different to the action that we take if our thoughts are negative and pessimistic. Can we expect a positive outcome of our action if we think negatively about it? Highly unlikely.
Our thoughts and words determine also our feelings. We can direct our thoughts to generate negative or sad feelings; or we can direct them toward positive and happy feelings. This is within our control.

PNI, about which I wrote in one of my previous posts, has found a very strong correlation about our feelings and our health. In my book Happiness Discovered I write extensively about this, and also about how our feelings affect not only our immune system, but our overall wellbeing and why this is so.
Therefore it makes sense to use the power of our thoughts to assist us in combating illness, to speed up recovery, or indeed to maintain our health.

Happiness Discovered by Udo Stadtsbuchler

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