Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Power of Thoughts vs Illness

Therefore it makes sense to use the power of our thoughts to assist us in combating illness, to speed up recovery, or indeed to maintain our health.

This is the sentence that ended my last post from the day before yesterday. This is exactly what I do to fight the noeplasm in my body. In addition to a few other things, like diet for example and to take certain supplements. But certainly not any form of medical intervention. The medical profession has put me on the "watchful waiting" list anyway, and according to them that's all they can do. My next test will be mid August and it depends on its result, whether I continue to "wait watchfully" or if they suggest to do something different, i.e. operation, chemotherapy etc. However, as I see things there is the strong likelihood that the tumor markers will be lower, much lower. And that the medical profession will step back and I continue on my path of self healing. What makes me say it?

I need to go back to the emotional reaction that I had when I encountered my first cancer scare some six years ago. My GP had sent me to get X-rays done and I did not suspect any serious outcome. That's why it came as an enormous blow to me when the radiologist told me that I had cancer. The first thought that sprang to mind was how to protect my wife from knowing it. It lasted just the split of a second and then I realized of course that this was impossible anyway. From there on everything moved quite fast, tests, scans, interviews with the surgeon, and of course I had to make appointments for all of them. Plus I had my work to keep me busy. In this period I saw myself rather as a spectator, looking in from the outside. There was extremely little emotional involvement on my part, if any at all. I had acepted the fact that one kidney had to be removed and that was that. It was only when I was told that the stay in hospital would be between two and three weeks; an idea I didn't enjoy at all. That's when I all of a sudden remembered that I should really do something and take action. And I did.

I prepared my mind for a positive outcome of the operation, and that my hospital stay would end before the weekend - the operation was on a Tuesday morning. And this is exactly what happened. The operation was indeed successful, I live to tell the tale; and I left the hospital Friday afternoon.

When I was first confronted with my current challenge, my emotional reaction was cool, calm and feeling in control. I was of course better prepared for a negative message than the first time. And I acted immediately. I researched the subject matter extensively and I came to the conclusion that an operation or radio or chemotherapy was out of question; simply because the potential side effects were too ghastly to contemplate.
I also started right away using my mind power to help my physical body in the fight against the cancer cells.
Today I am not asking myself if the outcome of the next test will be good or bad for me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be good. The only question remains by how much I have improved.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll tell you what I did.
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