Friday, July 30, 2010

Change the way you think and change your life

I have come across many people who wanted change; change their life style, change their behavior, or change who they are.
Change is difficult - and I write about it extensively in Happiness Discovered - but it is doable. Many people who wanted change said to me that they tried very hard, that they spent hours praying that their wish comes true, that they had this immense desire to be someone else, and nothing happened.
My answer is always that nothing is going to happen ever; that they will stay exactly where they are now. Because wishing or even desiring change is just not good enough, neither are prayers.
If you wait for change to happen, you are in for a very long wait indeed.
The only way to change is for you to take action. And with action I mean real action and not just wishing or praying. And it begins with changing the way you think.
Easy? No it's not, but it is most certainly doable. There are a few exercises - mind exercises - that you can do that will take you to the next step. You did the first step already: realizing that you need or want to change. I will talk about the subsequent steps in my next post/s.

There have been a few days between this post and the one before. Even though I want to post something almost every day, sometimes it's not possible. Right now I am reformatting Happiness Discovered for electronic reading devices, which takes up a lot of my time. Another big chunk of time is allocated to my wish to get well again. This is currently my wish for change - see, I take action, real action.
See you soon.
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