Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have cancer, or as I prefer to say, a neoplasm on the prostate gland. I have cancer means it is my possession, I own it. No, I don't own it, I gladly be rid of it. Neoplasm depersonalizes the thing; it's not mine. If I tell somebody that I have cancer, I create shock in the person and they don't know how to talk to me. If I say neoplasm I get a different reaction, because many people don't know what it means. When I am asked about it I'll explain of course, but with words that take the drama out of the situation. I never use the words I suffer cancer, because frankly I don't suffer; I am a very happy person. Certainly not because of the neoplasm, but in spite of it; it doesn't emotionally affect me. I will elaborate on this as we go along.
I will use this blog almost as a diary and will inform you of my progress through the whole process from the beginning to the point when I am free of this neoplasm. Yes, I am 100%convinced that I will beat it. Yes, I will beat it; I have decided not to go for chemo or radiotherapy, and I will not allow removal of this gland. I just don't like the potential side effects of it. I am going to use the support of natural remedies, a very strict diet and the most effective tool at my disposal; the power of my mind. I will share all these tools with you.

Let us start at the beginning, which is that I had the first neoplasm about six years ago and, as a result, one of my kidneys had to be removed. At that time I hadn't researched this illness and what one could do about it. Operation was the only option that I had, and I do not regret having had it. I did, however, exercise the power of my mind to shorten my hospital stay from predicted 14 days to three weeks to a mere three days. My wife was horrified and very angry with me when I called her from the hospital to come and pick me up, but luckily she did it anyway. Six months after the operation I had the first of the supposedly 6-monthly check-ups. I was clear, and from there on I never went back for more check-ups. At the time we lived in England, but moved to Spain about a year after the operation.

All was fine until February 2010 when I was diagnosed with another neoplasm.

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