Friday, August 13, 2010

Change the Way You Think 6

The very first step toward change is that you really want to change. If you want circumstances to change, people  to change, or whatever else to change, you'll fail if you don't change your mindset first. Because you are not in control over other people or over circumstances, but only in control over your thoughts. And in order to change your mindset you need to change the way you think.
If you don't, you cannot expect any significant changes in your life.
If you don't, your past will always be influencing your present and subsequently your future.
If you don't, you will always be hindered by your own self-limiting beliefs.
If you don't, you will continue to worry about your present and your future.
And most importantly:
If you don't, you will never be master over your feelings and emotions.

Is it easy to change? No, of course not; but it is doable.
It's not easy because we are programmed and conditioned to behave in certain ways. And this has served us well. After all, we are still alive! We may not have lived up to our potential, we may not be as happy as we want to be; but we are alive. That's something!
Who knows what's going to happen if we change the way we think, and with it our behavior? We might do things that we had never attempted to do before, and they could be dangerous. How would people close to us react to our change? What would the neighbors think?
If you develop your thought processes along these lines STOP! If you don't want to stop, that's fine too, but then you might as well give up thinking of change. Stay with the majority and indulge in apathy and lethargy; you will never change, but that's ok too.

But if you did put a STOP to the thought process that I have outlined, change quickly to a different thought process. Imagine what could be if you really changed to that person that you want to be? See yourself having achieved what you really wanted to achieve, whether it is in your business or in your private life. You could see yourself as the superbly confident and strong person that you deserve to be; being successful in all walks of life. Imagine what this would do to your self-esteem? Imagine what kind of impact it would have on those close to you. Imagine being on top of the world. Imagine being admired by many and envied by others. See all this imagery in the most glorious and vibrant colors; hear your favorite music playing and hear laughter; smell the scent of the flowers that surround you; and notice how this feels. Do you feel happy? Boost this feeling if you can and indulge in it.
So what if this was just a dream and not reality yet. Dreams can become visions, and visions can become reality. It is in your hands.
Next time more about it.

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