Monday, August 23, 2010

Powerful Communcation / Personal Matters

Before I expand on Powerful Communcation I will put it in context with my own current challenge.
Just for those of you who are only recent followers of my blog: I was diagnosed with  neoplasm that had invaded my system. You can read more about it in older posts. Just to make it easier for you,  neoplasm means cancer. . This coming Wednesday, 25th August, I will see the oncologist to learn what my latest test results reveal. When I last saw him he advised to do nothing but wait and that on the 25th we will see what course of action should be taken (chemo or radiotherapy, operation). However I  resolved to deal with this challenge using diet, natural supplements and the powers of my mind and thoughts and not go the invasive medical route.
I am a great advocate of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), previously known as behavioral medicine, that explores the mind - body connection and how we can use the knowledge of it to help our body to heal, to maintain or to improve health. One of the many examples that show the efficacy of PNI is our immune system, which is highly influenced by our feelings. When we experience stress, ill feelings of any kind or negativity, our immune system experiences a low and is open to be attacked by foreign invaders (i.e. viruses)When we are free of stress, are positive and are feeling good about ourselves our immune system expereieces a boost. I don't want to go into more detail. I have dedicated a whole chapter of Happiness Discovered to PNI.
I use the right words to create the right feelings that enable me to face up to the challenge I have on my hands. Therefore I talk about neoplasm rather than cancer. If I told someone I had cancer they would be shocked. If I told them I have a neoplasm most of them wouldn't know what it is. Then I'd explain in words that are not shocking what a neoplasm is. If I shock people, they would project their shock to me and my system will be affeted by it. When people ask me about my cancer I always reject ownership of it. It's not mine; on the contrary I'll gladly be rid of it. When I use mind work to deal with this challenge - which I regularly do 3 times a day in a very focused way - I do not shy away from a negative outcome, I go toward a positive one. I.e. I am not going to succumb to my illness is a terrible formulation that makes me feel ill just thinking about it; I deal with this challenge accurately and positively; I am winning is so much better.
I said so before, I am a very happy person. My wife and I have great fun together, there is lots of laughter in our home and lots of love. We both are happy and we both know that I am winning.
The day after tomorrow I'll see the oncologist and I am really looking forward to it. I am looking forward to hear by how much my condition has improved.
I'll let you know.
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