Sunday, August 22, 2010

Powerful Communication / Words 2

When choosing the right words or word assemblages you obviously want to choose those that fit best what you want to gain. For example if you want to feel wonderful it's not good enough to tell yourself that you feel pretty good. Be as precise as you possibly can be.
Moving away from something negative demotivates, moving toward a positive motivates. Telling yourself that you don't want to fall ill is not the same as telling yourself that you stay healthy. The one produces a different energy in you then the other.
You may have realized that I phrased the above in the present time, even though you may not expect some change to happen right now. I did this on purpose. What good does it do when you say I will be feeling wonderful or I will stay healthy? It puts what you want to gain somewhere into the future. You can repeat what you say ten times a day for every following day and nothing will change, because you always put it into the future.
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