Saturday, August 7, 2010

Change the Way You Think 3

sunsings1 commented on my last post that thoughts are the first step to self-realization. I have no argument with this. However, if I want to engage in a hair splitting exercise I could say that self-realization may or may not have something to do with the subject matter. It depends on one's interpretation of the word self-realization and also on the context. We could say that we need to first realize that something needs to be changed, or that we want to change something. With this interpretation of the word and in this context sunsings1 is absolutely right and I am most grateful for this comment.
Moving on. I wrote that we have total control over our thoughts and that this gives us enormous power. After all thoughts determine the actions that we take, and the actions that we take lead to the outcome of our actions. Simple, isn't it? Let us put this in the context of decision making. This is a daily occurence for most of us in our private life, certainly in our business or work life, and also in sport. If we take action with negative and pessimistic thoughts in our mind then there is an enormous likelihood that we will get a negative outcome. If we take the same action with positive and optimistic thoughts in our mind then we have a much greater chance to experience a positive outcome.
But what if we have a choice of two actions and both give us a 50:50 chance of success. How do we choose which one to take, and how can we avoid being full of doubt that this is the right choice?
Let us look at this next time.

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