Monday, August 16, 2010

Powerful Communication

I am not turning away from Change the Way You Think with this post. Communication is an essential part of change work. With this I mean the choice of words, how we string them together - whereby I prefer maximum power over correct grammar - our tone of voice, our facial expression and our body language in general. I also mean both external communication - the way we communicate with others - and internal communication - our internal dialogue, the way we communicate with ourselves.  Much of the time we think in images and not with words. But often it is necessary to think verbally, in particular in the decision making process. Whether we think in images or in words we want to choose the "right" images and the "right" words together with the appropriate body language and tonality.

If we get it wrong in our internal communication our influence over our thought processes is weak.
If we get it wrong in our external communication, we create confusion in our listeners or conversation partners; we come across as being ambiguous, not persuasive and not convincing.

If we get it right in our internal communication we have made a gigantic step toward control over our feelings and emotions. I do not say that we want to suppress our feelings and emotions, but exchange useless feelings against feelings that empower us, are meaningful and put us in a resourceful state of mind.
Carl Jung (1875-1961): "Man likes to believe he is master of his soul, but without mastery over feelings and emotions we are still wandering in  a wilderness in which only logical facts contain meaning."
If we get it right in our external communication we come across as being strong and powerful; we are convincing and can persuade people easily and elegantly.
Next time more about it.

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