Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Powerful Communication / Personal Matters 2

First of all welcome, Mehul, to the still small band of followers of my blog; I hope you enjoy being here and I hope that you find my posts interesting, and perhaps even stimulating. I'd welcome your as well as all followers comments, be they positive or negative.
It's now just about a week when I wrote my last post. After I had been to the hospital to get the test results evaluated, I was attacked by some kind of virus. The virus won and I felt rather ill for a few days. Now I am getting better, but I had passed on the virus to my wife who is now feeling quite ill.
Well, the test results were partly disappointing for me and to another part encouraging. Of course I didn't get what I hoped for, which had been quite unrealistic. But I didn't get what I was certain to get either. Bad news is that the count for the tumor markers is up by about  50%. Another bad news is that I have to undergo another biopsy, and I really don't look forward to it. The reason for this second biopsy is that the test result was inconclusive in some way, which I see as good news. It means that I have an ever so tiny chance to still win. Therefore my battle continues; I  increase my work using the power of my thoughts and the power of my mind as well as powerful communcation. I still intend to win.

This leads me nicely to Powerful Communication. In the last paragraph I gave you a few bad news and a few good ones. If I counted correctly there are 6 bad and 8 good news. When reading the message what kind of feeling do you have; is the message negative or positive? I use the word feeling intentionally. I am not saying that you should weigh the pros and cons in this message using logic and reason. If you did you would have to say that this message is rather bad. By using your feelings without using your cognitive abilities you would say that the message is overwhelmingly positive. What makes me assume this?

Firstly, I have placed the bad news to the beginning of the message and the good news to the end. The end, the last words, have the greatest impact.
Secondly, I used italics for the bad news, and bold for the good news. Bold overpowers italics. In verbal communication it means that I over-emphasize the good news and use appropriate tonality, body language and facial expression. The bad news I deliver without any emphasis.
Thirdly, I put emphasis on power of thought, mind and communication. But some cynics using their logic might say that this is exactly what I used before and it didn't help then either.
That's the difference between using intellect and using feelings.

Luckily, however, we respond to our feelings rather than to our intellect. We hear what we want to hear, we see what we want to see, we feel what we want to feel.
Knowing this puts us in a most powerful position. We can now use our intellect to use the feelings that we want to have, which are most useful for us, empower us and put us in a resourceful state of mind.

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